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New School Cardio and Ab Workout – 4 Minute Circuit

- October 11, 2018




Normally I would let you know more than enough with the cardió and ábs but today l’m providing you precisely that. That is a 4 Minute Cardio and Ab Circuit Workout but it’s new college. Lets take a look…

New College 4 Minute Cardio and Ab Circuit Workout Guidelines:

– 4 mins of total work time
– 4 exercises
– 60 seconds per exercise
for your day – If you would like to create this your workout, of adding it on as a finisher rather, you can proceed through this circuit two times. Be sure you rest 1-2 mins between rounds though. This is simply not a simple circuit workout.


1. Total Body Extensions
2. Rocking Plank
3. R.We.P (Run SET UP) or Jumping Jacks
4. Mountain Climbers

That’s it!

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  • Cardio workout increases cortisol levels
    more cortisol = less testosterone
    less testosterone = less growth hormone,less muscle & more fat
    thank you.

    kuku muniu - 12 months ago

  • Will u be coming out with more 4 min exercises? I love this one and others but just to change up

    Justin - 14 months ago

  • Right on Craig these vids have helped in a big way

    Jake Guerra - 20 months ago

  • Can't stop staring at the ears

    ImStated - 21 months ago

  • How effective is interval training on an exercise bike, 45 seconds (at 17 tension) really hard & 60 seconds of rest & repeat for 4 rounds?

    mullah amin - 21 months ago

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