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Short No-Equipment Interval Conditioning Fat Loss Workout

- October 11, 2018



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Alright today you are going to proceed through a classic 20/10 style condition weight loss workout with me personally. That is a great workout to displace traditional intensive training you’d perform on a biké or treadmill.

You may use this conditioning circuit by the end of your reguIar workout or yóu can proceed through utilize it as a standalone interval conditioning workout.

Ok, we go here…

Workout Guidelines:

– Proceed through 2 rounds of every exercise using thé 20/10 system
– 20 seconds of function accompanied by 10 seconds of rest
– Repeat the full total 4 workout circuit 1-4 occasions (your decision).
– Rest 30 seconds -1 minute between circuits.


1. Jumping Jacks
2. Burpees
3. Running In-place
4. Total Body Extensions



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  • Can you make this into an app,it would be amazing

    faith 05 - 6 days ago

  • interval...is good

    Bernard Myers - 17 months ago

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    Ljubica Buba - 18 months ago

  • name of music please

    Riadh Nando - 34 months ago

  • Get those knees up soldier!!! 2:56

    JerrySantiago506 - 43 months ago

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